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Article 7: Comparing the Same Models Across Different Vintages

You cannot directly compare Craftsman’s new models (2012) to earlier models (2001-2006).  For example, the new 2012 LT2000 is not the same as its counterpart prior to 2007.  Secondly, as expected, many of the comments are from users who don't really know how to take care of the simplest things.  Example:

"Bought it brand new off the truck, out of the crate.  Seat fell off second time I used it (to be fair, the employees were supposed to torque the seat correctly but they said they didn't have the tool needed.  But, C'mon, it's Sears, THEY SELL ALMOST ANY TOOL!  Also, wheel alignment was off about 15 degrees..."

Jay’s Comments:  The buyer could have just tightened the bolts on the seat along with the hand bolt for seat adjustment.  Alignment -- just move the steering wheel to the correct position (one bolt).  These problems are attributable to the novice they have assemble these two items at the store upon delivery.  The owner's manual gives explicit instructions for the user to do this, since most of these are delivered with the seat and steering wheel not mounted.

Many of the other comments are equally foolish like:

"kill switch in seat..."!!!  "I figured out I just needed to push the throttle lever..."!!!  "can pull a wheelie in high gears"!!! (use the clutch properly!)  "You have to stop the tractor and shift..." (DUH, you pick your gear before moving!).

Comments:  Embedded in the above quote.

The issues with the deck are attributable to:  (1) it's not heavy-duty anymore and constructed from much thinner metal, (2) lack of anti-scalp wheels, which can be installed, (3) improper adjustment, (4) floating deck is not a feature; it just means there are no anti-scalp wheels, (5) incorrect usage.

This machine has nothing to do with the 2004 LT2000.  The same is true with LT1000 models.  I can show almost any owner how to properly use a manual transmission.  However, if someone is not comfortable with a manual, he or she should go for an automatic.  A hand lever-controlled automatic is comparable to a foot-controlled automatic.  Both use the same transmission and, in fact, the hand lever style has a more direct connection to the hydrostatic transmission’s operating linkage.


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