About Us

I refurbish a handful of tractors and snow blowers as a hobby and labor of love.  This site reflects the equipment I've completed and the ethical approach I take in selling these machines.  I also perform service and repairs on tractor-mowers, riding mowers, zero-turns, lawnmowers, and snow blowers.


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Our Mission

We strive to build strong and lasting client relationships by supporting customers from the shopping phase throughout ownership and offering high quality used power yard products, parts, and service at competitive prices.

We are not currently taking in equipment not sold by us for servicing or repairs.

What We Do

We recondition and sell used power equipment for the homeowner, specifically lawn and yard tractors and riding mowers.  Occasionally (very limited availability), we may also have walk-behind and self-propelled lawn mowers, and selected other yard equipment and accessories.

We help our clients find the right machine for their needs.  Upon delivery, we're happy to provide a demonstration on how to use and maintain the machine.  We believe that anyone, even the most novice tinkerer, can do his or her own annual maintenance and save hundreds of dollars, simply by following our documented, step-by-step instructions.

We have a library of articles on do-it-yourself maintenance, off-season storage, battery replacement, belt replacement, buying tips, brands and types of equipment, and other topics of interest.  We offer 'tailored' annual service kits, containing the exact parts for our clients' machines, repair parts, and accessories to our clients all at favorable discounts.  Finally, we offer service at modest prices, should a client's machine need any kind of repair, in order to extend the product's service life.


Our Approach

We follow a business model that embraces personalized service, high quality products, and fair pricing.

Both before and after the purchase, we want to cultivate a healthy business relationship.  We offer that "extra touch" so that clients will come back to us and refer their friends.


Services Offered

Client Focus

We strive to build strong and lasting client relationships by offering quality used yard equipment, parts, and service at competitive prices.  We support our clients from the shopping phase through purchase and ownership.  We work to match the right equipment to our clients' requirements.  Most of all, we're proud of our honesty and integrity.  We disclose everything we know about a machine including its history and all work we perform.

We've developed a loyal following who recognize they can trust us completely.  So, we work mostly by referral.  Sometimes our customers reserve machines in advance, before the equipment is even completed.

Matching the Equipment to the Customer

We're experts at fitting the right machine to the individual's needs and not selling him or her more than he needs.  We work with each client to determine and assess his or her requirements so that we can make a good match.

Basically, we take the guesswork out of the used marketplace, minimize the risk of buying used, and ensure that the product has a long, usable life.

Upon delivery, we demonstrate the machine and instruct the client on maintenance procedures so he can save money while extending the life of his purchase.  We believe that anyone, even the most novice tinkerer, can do his or her own annual maintenance and save hundreds of dollars, simply by following our documented, step-by-step instructions.

How We Refurbish Equipment

We're extremely particular about how we recondition and prepare used machines.  We perform a thorough operational inspection on every used machine.  A certified mechanic performs all repairs.  All of our used machines receive a complete maintenance service that includes new spark plug(s), air filter, pre-cleaner, fuel filter, oil change, oil filter, chassis lubrication, and adjustment to factory specifications.  Every machine gets a thorough detailing, polishing of body surfaces with a glaze treatment, and sealant coats with wax and plastic protection.  Some machines receive cosmetic improvements, such as touch-ups, minor dent removal, and repainted surfaces.

Library of Articles

We provide articles on buying used (and new) equipment, do-it-yourself maintenance, off-season storage, battery replacement, belt replacement, and other pertinent topics.  We give our clients the tools they need to become better consumers and owners of power yard equipment.


We offer 'tailored' annual service kits, containing the exact parts for our clients' machines, along with repair parts and accessories, to our clients at a favorable discount.


We offer service at very reasonable, discounted rates only to our customersWe do NO outside service work.  We maintain complete records on your equipment.  Should your machine need a repair or require any adjustments, bring it to us.  We can order parts quickly and perform the most complex repairs.

Delivery and Pick-Up

As a courtesy, we offer delivery and pick-up for a nominal fee to cover a portion of our transportation costs and time.


Our Clients

We have many satisfied clients.  Our clients rely on us to be there to assist them when they need us.

We receive many referrals from our clients.  Many of our machines never reach the public marketplace.

Here are a few testimonials from one of our clients:

I found Jay at Jay's Power Equipment to be extremely helpful, responsive, and candid during all times in the sales process.  I bought a top-of-the-line Cub Cadet Garden Tractor from him and he was great.  I had done a lot of searching for a well-maintained, low-hours machine and they are hard to find.  Jay had others besides mine, but I was hooked on a Cub.  I had a Craftsman that I needed to replace that was 17 yrs old.  I had all kinds of questions even after much internet research.  Jay dug up extensive details about the engine, the cutting deck components, and the benefits of the particular machine he had (you see much of this in his explicit descriptions of the equipment).  And then when I bought it, he provided me with all the manuals available for it, photos from his site, detailed mechanical information - all far more than what you get from a dealer.  And the price, more fair than any I saw at even the best private seller I found.  I highly recommend dealing with Jay - you will be glad you did and all his equipment is in original spec condition when you get it.  After the sale...he will answer any question and even obtain parts and accessories for you at the best prices available fromwholesalers if you want to get something extra or perform simple maintenance yourself.  He even provides step-by-step instructions for doing annual maintenance, saving many dollars inexpensive service costs.    Tom H - Rowley, MA

We finally had a chance to use the Toro we bought from you last spring during this recent Nor'easter. Due to circumstances, we couldn't blow until early afternoon.  By then the 6 inches of snow on our driveway had started to freeze and had an icy crust on top.  We were not sure if the Toro could handle it but it started up right away and crunched through the hard snow.  What a relief!  I was so glad we had the machine!  I love my Toro.  We even helped my neighbor who had a little single stage finish up her drive.  She might be contacting you about getting a better snowblower.    Nicole and Aldo, Needham, MA


Product Suite

  • Yard Tractors:  1 to 4 acres
  • Lawn Tractors:  1/2 to 2 acres
  • Rear- or Mid-Engine Riding Mowers:  1/4 to 1 acre

Limited Availability:

  • Small Two-Stage Snow Blowers:  up to 26" width with up to 9 hp
  • Large Two-Stage Snow Blowers:  28"-32" width with up to 12 hp
  • Professional-Style, Wide-Deck, Walk-Behind, Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers:  Up to 1 acre